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“She’s Hela Cool!” ~ Cartman

  • Titles: The Black Queen, Supreme Necromancer, Lady of Decay, the Unholy Witch, the Mummified Lady, Vampire Queen, Lifestealer, the Soul Collector, Opener of the Gates.
    Aspects: Death, corruption, decay, darkness, evil, undead.
  • Symbol: A clenched, mummified fist.
  • Priesthood: Death Lords or Ladies (priests); Death Knights (paladins).
  • Herald: A skeleton in a black cloak.
  • Holy Day: First and last day of Deorcmonan each month.
  • Duties: To destroy life, to aid Wild Card undead, to expand the Withered Lands.
  • Sins:
    • (Minor) giving burial rites to any creature, refusing to turn a corpse into an undead, refusing to aid or working against a Wild Card undead;
    • (Major) willfully slaying a lesser undead;
    • (Mortal) willfully slaying a Wild Card undead.
  • Signature Power: Zombie.
  • Powers: Arcane resistance, armor, aura, banish, beast friend, blast, bolt, boost/lower trait, champion of the faith, corpse senses, defl ection, dispel, enhance undead, ethereal/corporeal, fatigue, fear, fog cloud, glyph, gravespeak, greater zombie, invisibility, nightmare, obscure, prolonged blast, sacrifi ce, sanctuary, sluggish reflexes, slumber, strength of the undead, stun, summon herald, weaken undead.
  • Trappings: Spells must have a necromantic or darkness trapping whenever possible.

Hela is the former goddess of death. She judged souls before they entered the afterlife, and guarded the Gates of the Dead, stopping souls from escaping, and turning back those not ready for the afterlife. After her betrayal, the souls she unleashed began worshipping Hela as their god, and her transformation into the God of Undeath was complete.

As befits her aspects, she is depicted as a skeletal figure wrapped in a funerary shroud. Although undoubtedly an evil goddess, Hela is not popular with the other dark powers. The souls in the Abyss belonged to Niht, Vali, and the demon lords, and Hela’s act as much betrayed them as it did the good gods, for it robbed them of many followers.

Hela’s public shrines in civilized lands have been supplanted by those of Scaetha. Shrines within the [[Withered
Lands]] are dedicated to her new aspects, bedecked in the skulls of sacrificial victims, and stained with the blood of countless innocents. Temples to Hela may exist, but few sane folks have entered the Withered Lands in the last few decades, and even fewer have returned. Worshipping Hela grants no safe passage in the lands of the undead unless one has the power to defend oneself.

Hela’s priests are concerned with creating a realm of undeath on the mortal realm. Raising the dead is a core part of their daily routine. Paladins serve as guards and recruiters for the undead army (a term which refers both to murder and grave robbing) and combat Scaetha’s mortal worshippers. Both are expected to loyally serve any liche they encounter, for these vile undead are Hela’s most powerful mortal servants.

Festivals involve either ritual sacrifi ce (not always a sentient being) or the raising of the dead. Mournful wails, dirges, and dark litanies accompany these acts. Worshippers wear skull masks during these celebrations, mimicking the forms they hope to achieve once Hela creates her realm of undeath.

Legends say that disciples of the Black Queen know the secrets of becoming dread liches and black knights, though thankfully such knowledge must be extremely rare, for these fiends are among the rarest of the undead.

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