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Toci Healing and Patron of Midwives The goddess of healing and a patron of midwives and healers also accepted dead humans as gifts. Although we would surely expect the opposite from the one that is supposed to grant a good health. Women were sacrificed to Toci. The chosen girl was dressed to resemble the goddess. The fact that she was about to die was kept from her. The Aztecs were afraid of the victim getting upset. It was seen as a bad omen. Therefore, the woman would be deceived that she was going to see the ruler. After climbing to the temple, she would be quickly beheaded and flayed. Other sources claim that the sacrifice involved ripping out the lady’s heart and then flaying her. Her skin would be later worn by a priest.
Tlaloc A benevolent god of rain, fertility, and lightning Moreover, Tlaloc was a capricious fellow and he had a limited patience. Angered Tlaloc would send storms, hurricanes, floods, and droughts. Diseases and famine were not beyond his control either. While his godly colleagues were not very fussy about offerings made to them, Tlaloc had some particular tastes. He wanted children. Crying children appeased him even more. Sometimes priests would offer the tears of victims as an additional sacrifice. What did the parents of those children think about the practice? Well, having your offspring sacrificed to Tlaloc was seen as an honor.
Huehuet God of death, warmth, and cold. Also light during the times of darkness and food during famines Huehuet power is waning in the Great Swamp. Sacrificing a person to this god involved drugging the victim, roasting him alive, tearing his heart out and burning the remains. The order varies depending on source. Some say that victims were thrown into a fire and dragged out of it with hooks before dying. Then their hearts would be ripped out and their bodies thrown back to the flames. Others claim that the unfortunate were first drugged and then dragged with the hooks to the special platforms. There their hearts would be cut out and thrown into fire. The bodies of victims would join them soon after.
Name Aspect of Sphere of Influence
Ssslak As the dominate god, he may be a bit of all of them
Dargar Slaughter, senseless violence, massacres, cannibalism, orcs, goblins.
Patecatl Eira Healing, life, mercy, peace.
Xipe Eostre Animals, Plants, cycle of life, fertility, birth.
Tlalte Ertha Earth, Metal, gems, crafting, smithing, underground warfare, subterranean realms.
Freo Travel, Wanderlust, Wilderness.
Hela Death, Corruption, Decay, Darkness, Undead.
Quetzal Hoenir Knowledge, Literacy, scribes, historians, revealing secrets.
Hothar Justice, law, order, conformance, truth.
Huehuet Kenaz Fire, hearths, volcanoes, flame.
Metztli Maera Magic, mystery, divination, occult matters.
Nauthiz Thievery, chance, stealth, concealment.
Chalchi Neorthe Lakes, rivers, sea, sailors, water.
Tezcatli Niht Darkness, Assassins, secrets, secret murder.
The Norns Fate, destiny, past, present, future.
Rigr Vigilance, protection of settlements, warnings.
Xlolo Scaetha Death, final judgment, destruction of the undead.
Tonati Sigel Sun, light, purity, goodness.
Thrym Cold, ice, winter, blizzard, icy realms
Tlalocl Thunor Wind, Weather, sky, air, lightning.
Huitzilo Tiw Battle, courage, war, victory.
Ullr Hunting, Archery, Trackers, prey animals.
The Unknowable One Tricks, taunts, insults, bards, storytellers.
Xochi Vali Corruption, vermin, disease, famine, vice, overindulgence, treachery, vengeance.
Var Merchants, trade, negotiations, contracts, coinage, wealth.

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Religion - Lizardman

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