Keep on the Bordlands

In the Gazetter writeup of Helioland, there is a new board fort going up in the Bleak Hills to keep an eye on the Barony of Cul. The Leader of Cul is not happy about it and seeks to destroy it. This would be a perfect place for B2. There has always been roving tribes of humanoids in the hills, but never organized enough to do more than raid.

I would trim the module down – probably just use the bottom of the map, throw out the gnoll cave and shorting the evil temple. The temple is dedicated to the primary god in Cul, which is really the god of winter (need to fill in names here :). So the temple is the organizing force. They start with a few raids to test the supply lines and such. I can keep most the material, make the hermit interesting. It might even be close enough to include the swamp.

The Hermit

Lets face it, the original module botched this. In there, he is simply a monster. A lost opportunity to provide some obscure information.

“Death’s glove, but Winter’s Hand
is reaching forth across the Land.
To the Fore you will see (insert Goblin/orc god)’s spawn
But the corrupt heart lies beyond the Dawn”

Translation – cold is driving, Hela priest is just a cover. Goblins first, then the the temple.

Keep on the Bordlands

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