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While fey creatures exist in Rassilon, many inhabit a shadowy realm invisible to both the mortal eye and detect spells. Entrance into the fey realm is possible only through misfortune, fey malevolence or mischief, or direct invitation.

Travelers making a successful Knowledge (Arcana or Fey) roll know the fey realm is dangerous, for time does not pass as it does in the mortal realm. Some travelers claim to have spent a century in the fey world, only to find no time has passed on their return to the mortal world. Others have insisted that while they did not age in the fey realm, they returned to their homes to find generations had passed.

The fey are divided into two courts, the Seelie (meaning “blessed” in Auld Saxa) and the Unseelie (or “non blessed”). It is important to note that these divisions are not direct equivalents to good and evil or law and chaos—all fey are alien to the civilized races, and their motives are strange to even the most learned fey scholar. The GM need never feel he has to justify a fey’s actions to the characters. In general, the Seelie court is concerned with spring, summer, light, sunshine, song, dance, and happiness. Their Unseelie kin favor fall, winter, ice, snow, darkness, threats, and misery.

Still, most Seelie are mischievous rather than malicious, though they may take drastic measures to avenge an insult against them (real or perceived). By comparison, the Unseelie are generally spiteful and cruel by nature. Given a choice, Seelie fey prefer to help mortals, or at least hinder them in non-harmful ways, such as altering paths to lead in circles, whereas the Unseelie tend to think of violence as their first option in any situation.

According to an ancient pact, the Seelie court ruled the fey realms from the first day of spring until the start of fall, at which point the Unseelie would take over the reins. With winter now much longer, especially in the Winterlands, the Unseelie have broken the spirit of the pact and now govern for much longer. In the High Winterlands, for instance, the Seelie rule for a mere two and a half months.

Hellfrost fey are typically divided between the courts as below. Note that some fey fall into both camps. This is not to say that an individual fey switches sides regularly, only that the species can be found serving both courts. All individuals must make a choice regarding which court to serve, and once the decision is made it is very rarely altered.

Seelie Alp-Luachra, Bergsra, Brownie, Bugul Noz, Clurichaun, Fey Knight, Fey Noble, Gandharvas, Glaistig, Glimmerwing, Jester, Kajsa, Leshij, Nykr, Pech, Polevik, Quizling, Skogsra, Spite Swarm, Spriggan, Swiftling Swarm, Vodnik, Wood Warrior, Wood Wight, Wudewasa
Unseelie Alp-Luachra, Bagiennik, Bannik, Boggart, Buggane, Darkling, Dullahan, Dwerg, Fey Knight, Fey Noble, Gancanagh, Gandharvas, Glimmerwing, Grindylow, Jester, Kelpie, Kobold, Likho, Mephit, Nules-murt, Pech, Polevik, Redcap, Spite Swarm, Spriggan, Swiftling Swarm, Will-O-The-Wisp, Wood Warrior, Wudewasa
Animals/Unaligned Arkan Sonney, Cù Sidhe, Fey Horse

As well as possessing major powers, many fey have a plethora of minor abilities at their disposal. These effects often have little relevance to adventures, but they are important and frustrating (depending on the nature of the enchantment) to those subjected to them. In essence, any minor act of fortune or misfortune is often attributed to fey influence. A sample of typical powers is given below, though few fey possess more than a handful.

Seelie Bless crops, churn milk to butter, milk cows or goats, weave, dye wool, spin yarn and wool, mend shoes, scare rodents away, convince hens to lay, preserve food, perform minor repairs to the house, peaceful sleep, sharpen knives and tools.
Unseelie Causing cows to stop producing milk, wither plants, scare away animals being hunted, make people sneeze, cough, itch, belch, or fart, blow out candles and lanterns, breaking tools, create distracting noises like creaking floorboards and scurrying sounds, cause horses to throw shoes, cause dogs to bark for no reason, spoil food, night sweats.

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