Population: 76,560 (75% Tuomi, 10% Saxa, 10% frostborn, 3% taiga elves, 2% engro)
Ruler: Voivode Ramel the Berserk of the Argentocoxus tribe
Religion: Dargar, Freo, Thrym, Thunor, Tiw
Imports: Metal, wine
Exports: Furs, meat, skins


The Drachenlands were once part of a greater, though never cohesive, Tuomi-dominated region, which lay north of the Anari lands of Aspiria and Chalcis. Whereas the Battlelands and Borderlands were semi-settled by the invaders, their attempts to settle the Drachenlands met with constant failure. In the end, the Anari left the barbarians to their own devices and elected to fortify their border rather than wage costly wars to secure territory sorely lacking in valuable natural resources.

When the Liche-Priest sent his armies west the skeletal hordes met with stiff resistance as they entered the Drachenlands. Eventually they succeeded in carving a path through toward the Borderlands and Aspiria, though not
before suffering heavy losses. Unfortunately for the realms to the west, it was an easy task to recruit new conscripts
for the army of the dead.

During the Blizzard War, the natives fought the northern hoard with all their might, but at terrible cost. Hundreds of thousands were slaughtered, and the survivors were forced to flee into the Granite Mountains. Here they stood with the armies of Aspiria and Chalcis and succeeded in halting the advance south. Once the threat had ended, they made their way back to their homeland and began the slow process of repopulating it.

As the winters lengthened, so the Drachenlanders (as they prefer to be known) became more belligerent. Several unprovoked wars with Chalcis ended in stalemate. Instead of continuing to hammer at their southern neighbor the Drachenlanders turned their attentions west, pushing into the Borderlands. A series of campaigns led to the annexation of the lands between the Whitedeath and Lakeflow Rivers, but on the banks of the latter they were stopped in their tracks by stiff resistance.

They have never tried to settle the Mistlands for fear of mist demons, and the land north of the Sigilrun holds nothing of value to these hardy folk. Several attempts to oust the White Witch ended in total disaster and catastrophic loss of life.

The Drachenlanders worship the standard pantheon, but always depict the gods as being draconic in appearance. According to ancient legends, the gods mated with certain Tuomi families (the nobility), passing on a fraction of their power. Though the nobility show no special abilities, they continue to follow this belief. As a result, heraldic crests are always draconic and many nobles have tattoos of dragons on their arms and faces.

Unlike in many other realms, the citizens of the Drachenlands openly worship Thrym in his aspect of a Hellfrost dragon. The Drachenlanders aren’t too keen on an endless winter, but they respect power, and Thrym certainly has plenty of that. Dargar has also grown in popularity since Voivode Ramel became ruler.


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