Undersea - Session 8

Of the Herald of Destruction

Of the Herald of Destruction

Ahmed gathered himself and breathed deeply. He looked around at the gathered nobles and great figures of the city, all waiting on his words.

“Landwalker, we have heard the warning call. We know the ”/wikis/kreana" class=“wiki-page-link”> Kreana are coming. But tell us what you saw. Tell us what happened."

Ahmed glanced over at Tabari. The old man usually told the tales of the Five but he only shrugged. He had not been asked this time.

’We are not of your world but we are learning. We have seen evil above the water, in the sands of the dry lands many times. We have seen darkness but we have never seen evil on this scale. An evil…" and he let his voice trail off to collect himself. He drew himself up and began again.

“While our allies the soldiers focused on securing the iron wreck as an outpost, my comrades and I chose to take a look in the Kelp Forest.” There were looks and whispers and he hoped he’d given Silara enough deniability for whatever political issues they feared. "It did not take long to spot the Kreana and many of them. We spoke to a hermit who said that they were massing by the ruins of an old temple. This was important but we had to know more. We had to understand the threat.

“Journeying directly to the temple would have been foolhardy. We never would have survived. Still we had to learn more. The hermit told us about a maze of caverns under the land that could get us close to the temple. She warned us that the caves weren’t empty and we would be tested. And she was right. The ”/wikis/morkoth" class=“wiki-page-link”>Morkoth ruled the caves and we were tried to defend ourselves from its heinous and mind-twisting attacks. In the end, we were forced to slay it, removing the threat from those caves.

“Reaching the cave mouth we sought, we looked across a small valley of kelp and ruins. And hundreds of kreana. They were everywhere, busy with their plans to assemble an army to destroy this city and many others. What truly chilled our blood was seeing the hermit who had helped us along with four other peaceful prisoners being dragged into the temple itself.

“Carefully, we approached the temple, clinging to shadows. I think the kreana did not suspect that any of their enemies could possibly be so close to their holy place so they were not watchful enough. The great sand wizard Salim conjured a storm of sand beyond the temple, distracting the host of kreana. We slew the temple guards and hurried inside. We still had hope to save the hermit and the other prisoners from whatever vile purpose the kreana had.

Ahmed stopped for a drink of water.

“The passage into the temple went down and turned back on itself before revealing a grand sanctuary of statues, wetglow fires, and temple guards. A priest of some type was carrying out a foul ritual with the hermit at his mercy as a sacrifice. We rushed forward, desperate to stop the evil incantation. We realized that the purpose of the ritual was a huge statue of a powerful shark and the longer the shaman performed the ritual, the more real that great shark appeared. Stone slowly gave way to the cold flesh of the beast. Patterns emerged all over its body.

“We did our best, slaying many kreana to reach the shaman and prevent the ritual from completing… but we were too late. He sacrificed the hermit to complete the ritual and the tremendous statue came to life, thrashing in the water and eating anything it could get to.”

“Our foray had failed. We had witnessed the birth of a terrible threat, perhaps even the Herald of the kreana’s foul god. We had to warn you, our friends, our second home. The kreana are coming and bringing a power greater than you’ve ever faced. We need a plan to destroy this Herald or this city will be a ruin and all of us merely food for their god…”


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