The Woes of Wudusmoca - The Storm

One Pissed Off Dragon

One Shot run at Rob Davenports Place (Rob, Jim, Mark, and a Dave, a friend of Rob).

PCs ( 0xp)

  • Ari Runemasters (Mark D)
  • Cynric Odwinsunu (Dave)
  • Nighteyes (Rob)
  • O’hAadha of Clan Tolarggan (Jim)

The Adventure Overview

Stuerm is a Storm dragon from the nearby Icebarrier Mountains. A group of adventurers had the audacity to attack the beast in its lair. Caught by surprise, he was flushed and forced to flee, leaving is horde to the adventurers, and eventually another more powerful dragon. Stuerm has sworn vengeance on these adventurers.

Beni Kabor is a lying, cheating, cowardly crook and is a roguish elemental wizard. He has a habit of running from danger, betraying his “friends”, or what he considers his friends, and even joining, what he considers to be, the winning side just to stay alive. Beni is also extremely greedy. Using his dwindling reserves, Stuerm first tracked down Beni. Realizing he is doomed, Beni quickly offered up help to find the other members of the group (which has mostly disbanded to enjoy their riches) in exchange for his measly life. The big secret is that Beni was the mastermind behind the heist. For now, Stuerm has accepted the deal but constantly reconsiders his decision.

Thus far, true to his word Beni has led Stuerm to Wudusmoca to collect Griffin, the Cleric of the Norms that was part of the group

Scene 1 – The Storm

The PCs (0XP) are on the road and a nasty storm is brewing. A Common Knowledge reveals that Wudusmoca is only about 10 minutes away. As they press to make the town, the group hears (Notice) the not so distant roar of a large beast, and those with a Raise see the beast among the darken clouds. As you crest the hill, you see a small caravan being attacked by what looks like living lightning.

As Ari and Cynric cautiously plan there attack, the Storm Elementals slaughters the wagon handlers. The group then attacks, with Cynric getting shocked by the elementals as he kills them. The group loads the bodies into the wagon and heads to nearby Wudusmoca.

Scene 2 – The Demand

Once in town, things settle down a bit. Introduce a few of the Dramatis personæ to get the group oriented. The group settles in at the Cold Axe Inn (named so for the Frosts Giant Axe built into the structure of the Inn which seems to keep the place cooler – a boon in the summer but a bane in the winter). Eventually, the PCs learn the attacks are a recent thing and no one is sure what is going one. Some believe they have angered Thunor (the Storm Lord), others just think its a rogue dragon.

Eventually, Beni comes into the inn the PCs are staying at. Declares that his Master, the dragon Stuerm, will destroy the town if both its riches and Griffin, a priest of the Norns, is not turned over to him. The town has 24 hours to decide. He then dramatically turns into a whirlwind of air and blusters away (Elemental Form – Eir). They bring the cleric to the inn and all discuss what to do. Some call for them to turn over the priest and the money (lead by those that do not have coin, of course), others say fight, others say flee.

Hearthkeeper Halfdan Haraldsunu askes Griffin to go to quiet area and mediate on this to see what the best options might be. After an hour, he comes back. When asked what course to take, he says “it would be simpler to show you.” He gathers those that want to see in a circle. When he completes the circle, the group sees the many strands and possibilities (think Griffin in MiB3 at the ballpark)

  • Give over the cleric & money (or just the cleric) – the dragon, having tasted victory, destroys the town anyway. He goes on to destroy several more towns to complete his revenge, then the strands fade off into the distance
  • Fight the dragon – most scenarios the dragon wins. There are a few the dragon is killed, but most of the town is destroyed and most are killed
  • Flee – town is destroyed and the dragon moves on to destroy other towns

There is one option that Griffin has uncovered – capture!

  • Lure the dragon to the Stone Forest. One of the Standing Stone circles is a dimensional trap (who knows what else is in there). Using the cleric as bait, lure the dragon there. Melasion, a local Hearth Elf is key to get Hearth Elves to help activate the circle and trap the dragon.
  • Most cases it works, but there are scenarios that it does not or scenarios in which some (or all) of the PCs die.
  • This appears to be the most likely outcome to “win” with the fewest people dying.

Early in the morn, the group is ready to set out. Griffin asks is the group wants a reading. In general, the fates appear to be holding their breath except for Cynric. If he accompanies the group, it will be doomed! (in real life, the player had to leave).

Scene 3 – The Stone Forest

Dramatic Task for the Hearth Elf Druids. PC Druids can Lead or Assist. The elven druids cannot defend themselves and the PC must fight off the minions of the Dragon – Storm Elementals and Beni The dragon realizes what is going on and fights to break away.

Dragon’s actions – Draw a card each round:

* Spade – Breathe Weapon in the area (cone)
* Diamonds – Storm Elemental Appears (roll d6 for what stone it is near)
* Club – Storm Crows first, then Wing Buffet thereafter
* Casts a spell (other than summon elemental)

Note that the druids are Extras. All roll Cooperatively. A PC druid can jump in to lead (WC).

The battle is fierce once the Dragon realizes what is going on. Much of the group is buffeted by the powerful wings of the dragon. Nighteyes steps in for a fallen Druid and completes the ritual. Powerful green lines of eldritch energy from the standing stones pulls the dragon into a rift. Unseen by the others, O’hAadha is nearly pulled into the rift as well by a dark tentacle from Something in the rift (a Bennie to save himself).

Beni escapes. There is much rejoicing and the town declares them heroes!


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