Taiga Elf

At some point in the distant past, several elven tribes argued that all forests, even the great taiga that lay near the frozen realms, should become Elfhomes. After much debate, the race split amicably and a great host headed northward, keen to impose elven values on the virgin pine forests.

Here they dwelt in relative isolation, trading with the Finnar, dwarves, and the humans whose lands bordered their own, and knowing little of the races further south. Over the centuries, almost all ties with their southern cousins were forgotten.

Since the Blizzard War, however, taiga elves have seen their natural habit decline in ways similar to their temperate cousins. Many of the old forests were crushed beneath ice and snow, and those that remained have dwindled considerably. Although these remaining realms have shrunk, they have not been totally consumed, thanks to powerful magic that halts the progression of the ice into their realms. Unfortunately, the magic is only a delaying tactic, not a solution.

Taiga elves have white hair and light blue skin, but are otherwise similar to hearth elves. They have a similar lifespan.

Names: Taiga elves use only a single name, which usually (but not always) has a wintry, natural element to them. Examples include Flakerider, Frostmane, Icegleam, Nighteyes, Shadowweaver, and Snowrunner.

Taiga Elf

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