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  • Titles: The Ground-Shaking Thunderlizard King, the Eternal Hunger.
  • Aspects: Thunderlizards, strength, leadership, superiority, terror, ferocity, swamp.
  • Symbol: A triceratops’ head.
  • Priesthood: There is no distinction between priests and paladins. Clerics may thus take both Champion and Holy Warrior Edges. Collectively, clerics are known as the Roar of Ssslak.
  • Herald: Ssslak’s heralds are Wild Card tyrannosaurs. Holy Days: First Sunnandaeg of each month.
  • Signature Power: Smite.
  • Powers: Armor, battle song, beast friend (reptiles, amphibians, and thunderlizards only), bladebreaker, bolt, boost/lower trait (Strength, Vigor, Notice, and Swimming only), entangle, environmental protection (water only), fear, fog cloud, gift of battle, knockdown, quake, speed, stun, summon beast (reptiles, amphibians, and thunderlizards only), summon herald, viper weapon (turns weapon into venomous lizard but otherwise unchanged), water walk, wilderness step (marsh and swamp only).
  • Trappings: Trappings relate to thunderlizards and swamps. For example, entangle might be vines, while bladebreaker causes a spectral thunderlizard to bite the weapon in twain, and knockdown or stun is a thunderlizard’s roar or tail sweep.
  • Disciple Edge: Disciples learn the sacred songs necessary to summon thunderlizards. They have +2 Faith when using beast friend and summon beast, but only with regard to thunderlizards. In addition, each receives a velociraptor mount. This creature is a Wild Card. If it is slain, the priest is sacrificed at the next ceremony for his sin.
  • Sins (not canon)
    • Minor: Harming a Thunderlizard in self defense. Showing kindness to a slave. Treating any non-Lizardman as an equal
    • Major: Harming a Thunderlizard (not self defense). Sparing the life of Gatorman unless make them a slave. Not sacrificing a sentient being to Ssslak once a month. Not deposing a weak Chieftain (if the chieftain fails in some way = weak)
    • Mortal: Disciple – if allow velociraptor mount to Die. Must make pilgrimage to the Resplendent Tyrant Throne in Slik’al’ssla once every 5 years

Long ago, the lizardmen were a primitive race, enslaved by the gatormen to build their cities and fight their wars. Most toiled and died at their masters’ whims, worked to death, sacrificed to feed the gatormen’s hungry gods, and butchered on the battlefield. A small few, those who showed promise, were trained as scholars and priests. This act of generosity and compassion spelled the doom of the gatormen, for their slaves, now armed with knowledge of the gods, rebelled.

Ssslak isn’t the only lizardman god, but he by far the most powerful and receives most praise. He is depicted as a T-Rex with triceratops’ horns and neck frill, symbolizing his role as protector of the lizardman race and god of war and destruction.

The Ground-Shaking Thunderlizard King teaches that all others races are destined to be slaves to the lizardmen. Captives are forced to work building cities and engines of war under cruel conditions, as the lizardmen once were. They are also treated as pack animals, food, and sacrifices. Fearful of making the same mistake as the gatormen, the lizardmen ensure their captives are never treated as equals or show compassion.

Ssslak has many temples, though only a few are new structures. Most were formerly home to the gatormen’s gods. When the empire was conquered, these were consecrated to the praise of Ssslak, the old faiths washed away with a river of sacrificial blood. In some large cities as many as a dozen temples may honor Ssslak, each focusing on a different aspect. The largest temple, raised from the ground by an army of slaves who were then sacrificed to consecrate the structure, stands in Slik’al’ssla, the Resplendent Tyrant Throne, the lizardmen’s greatest city. Every year, hundreds of captives are devoured by the terrible lizardman monarch, their souls condemned to spend an eternity in Ssslak’s realm, serving his people even after death.

Clerics rule lizardman society in all but name. Although each tribe has a chieftain, he is subject to divinations (orders) of the priestly caste. Within each tribe are many priests, who together form an advisory council. Priests have the authority to depose poor chieftains and replace them with one more favorable to their requests. Although they are expected to be trained in martial arts, priests are never appointed to positions of military command. Again, they fill advisory roles, watching their commanders for signs of weakness.

The highest-ranking priests are always mutants with two heads —one possessed of wicked teeth (representing Ssslak’s aspects of strength and ferocity) and one with horns and a neck frill (representing leadership).

The undeniable head of the faith is the Tyrant Lizard King, reputedly a demigod-like figure possessing awesome powers.

Temples are protected by temple guardians, devout warriors but possessed of no supernatural powers. Serving a temple in this way is an honored position, and guardians are expected to be fierce, unwavering warriors. In war, they form small, elite units, serving the war captains as shock troops.

Like the gatormen, lizardmen sacrifice sentient beings to honor their gods. Most die on the altar in one of many gruesome ways (the lizardmen learned a lot from the gatormen). A small few are destined to die in the arena, pitted against fearsome temple guardians in what is less a fair fight and more an orgy of blood and death.

From Two Head Priest Entry

These lizardmen are mutants, possessing two heads, each with a fully functioning brain. They are powerful miracle workers (having been given special gifts by their deity), capable combatants, and they serve as high priests. The right head has enlarged teeth, while the left one sports three horns and a neck frill. They worship Ssslak in his guise as Father of Hydras.

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