Sirocco the Flying Carpet

Sirocco was a rather grump old khamsin (air) jinn that found himself bound to smelly old carpet. He is compelled to provide flight to the old rug, but the binder was a bit lazy in his methods. Sirocco grumbles, groans and complains the whole time and does not provide the smoothest of rides.

Despite being no faster than a person on foot, calling upon Sirocco allows travelers to avoid difficult terrain. Sirocco grumbles along at Pace 6, with with handling +0. Up to four Medium-size (Size +0) creatures can ride on the carpet somewhat comfortably with only a moderately more grumbling. Five (5) can ride for short periods, but Sirocco refuses to go higher than 10’ off the ground and no faster than Pace 4. He is also prone to buck people off if something unexpected happens (penalties to stay on in that case). Sirocco also levitates, but holding still with people on the carpet aggravates his lumbago, causing the carpet to be unstable at times.

To use the carpet, it need only be laid flat on a solid surface and ordered to rise (this represents the Spirt check to active this Jinn Relic). Directional control is by verbal command. Only the Master may give the carpet instructions (represented as person that spends a Bennie to Attune to the relic).

Jinn-Relic. Flight Pace 6, Handling +0. Unstable Platform. Use Agility to control for maneuvers or in the thick of combat.

Sirocco the Flying Carpet

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