The Saxa are clannish folk, primarily living in small farmsteads and villages, though a number of Saxa towns exist. Most such towns are royal territories, and thus house the court, or trading centres.

Even before the Blizzard War, the Saxa preferred this existence. Steads house entire extended families, sometimes numbering as many as 70 souls, and are protected by stout wooden fences, making them into mini-fortified villages.

Their culture is based on oaths of friendship and loyalty and the principal of Hospitality, the latter extending even to enemies so long as they obey the age old customs and laws governing hospitality.

Saxa mages prefer song magic above all others. Those who do study elementalism prefer earth magic, and many never advance beyond that single element. Of the many gods worshiped, Eostre and Kenaz are most favored.

Saxa men favor loose woolen tunics and leather trousers. Boots are worn high, strapped to the leg with cord to provide a snug fit. Women wear long wool dresses fastened at the shoulder with ornate clasps. Cloaks are common among both sexes.

Saxa average just under 6 feet in height and have brown or blonde hair, blue or light green eyes, and pale skin. Men grow moustaches and beards, though unlike dwarves there is no social bias to these, and wear their hair long.

Real World Similar: Saxons


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