Titles: The Old Man of the Sea, Watery One, Dweller in the Deep, Lord Beneath the Ocean, Enemy of Sharks.
Aspects: Underwater realms.
Affiliation: Apsu, Upuaut.
Symbol: A merman or mermaid.
Priesthood: Guardians of the Deep (priests); Warriors of the Deep (paladins).
Herald: None.
Holy Days: Amt Yaus al-Ittrou of each month. The day after a kreana settlement is raided is a high holy day.
Duties: To protect underwater realms against evil beings and plundering.

  • (Minor) harming a non-evil aquatic creature except in self-defense (except sharks, which are considered evil creatures), eating fish more than once per week, despoiling submerged ruins;
  • (Major) killing a non-evil aquatic creature except in self-defense, taking precious objects from the sea without leaving a tribute of similar value;
  • (Mortal) suffering Fatigue through drowning.
    Signature Power: Environmental protection (water only).
    Powers: Altered senses*, boost/lower trait (Agility, Vigor, Fighting, Notice, Riding, Shooting, Survival, Swimming, Throwing, and Tracking only), refuge, speed*, water walk.
    Trappings: Air and water only.
    Special: Spells marked “*” only provide benefits while at least half submerged in water. If the target steps out of water, the spell’s benefit is lost, though the spell remains Maintained. A cleric who takes the Beast Master Edge may, at the GM’s discretion, be granted a sea horse (see page 12) as a companion.

A son of Apsu and Ashtart, Nu found his father’s watery realm too limited, for it comprised only freshwater. After hearing of Upuaut’s travels over the ocean, Nu decided he would follow the god of travel, exploring beneath the waves rather than upon them. Angered that his son sought the comfort of salt water, Apsu banished Nu.

Nu expected to find an unspoiled wilderness beneath the waves. Instead, he discovered a wasteland ravaged by the servants of Carcharas, the Great Shark, who had ruled here unchecked since the dawn of time. Nu at once declared war on Carcharas and his brood. The two gods fought bitterly, for they were evenly matched. At last, Nu gained the upper hand. He was unable to kill his foe, but he did manage to imprison him in an abyssal cavern.

In honor of his victory, Upuaut granted him control over underwater movement, while Apsu forgave his son and bade him take up protection over all underwater realms. The sentient aquatic races, such as reef and sea giants, mermaids, and even sea dragons, took Nu as their patron, for he has saved them from the privations of the fearsome shark deity.

Nu has no temples or shrines on the surface world. Beneath the waves stand temples of living coral honoring the Old Man of the Sea. Here, sea and reef giants, mermaids, and other benign, intelligent aquatic races worship. Clerics of Nu are welcomed to join ceremonies, though they must personally vouch for any other air-breathers in their company.

The Old Man of the Sea, as he is most commonly called, is always depicted as a merman with a kelp beard. In his right hand he holds a trident. Around his neck he wears a necklace of shark’s teeth, trophies torn from the mouth of Carcharas eons ago.
Nu’s clergy protect the aquatic realm from despoilers. Their greatest foes are [Keana, the rapacious shark-men who plague the warm waters in great numbers, though they may have cause to engage rogue reef and sea giants, and even renegade sea dragons on occasion. Priests are defenders of the aquatic realms, protecting benevolent beings and submerged ruins. Paladins are more aggressive, actively taking battle to those who would despoil the natural beauty of the realm. A small few are violently opposed to pearl diving.

Note that Nu’s clergy have little interest in harming natural creatures—there is a natural order at work underwater as well as on land, and predation is natural. The sole exception is sharks, creatures servile to the kreana’s foul deity. Similarly, a sea creature attacking air-breathing races because they have trespassed or offended Nu is not considered an enemy of the cult. Indeed, the air-breathers may well be in line for punishment from the clerics.

Ceremonies are usually held underwater. A cleric away from a pool, river, or the ocean may appease his god by pouring at least a gallon of water over his head on holy days (failure to do so is a major sin). They comprise singing and offerings of goods, the former pleasing to the ears of Nu and the latter furnishing his palace.

Character Guidelines: Clerics are most at home beneath the waves. Despite knowing environmental protection, clerics should have a high Swimming skill, both to avoid drowning and give them a decent underwater movement rate. Vigor is important as it aids in holding one’s breath. Combat skills and Edges are essential, as the cult is primarily militaristic, despite its lack of offensive and defensive spells. Alchemy, while not essential, is an Edge worth taking as it allows the cleric to provide he and his companions with the means to operate underwater without having to Maintain multiple spells.


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