The Finnar are a nomadic people, and have always lived in the colder climes. They have suffered little with the advancement of the Hellfrost, for as the snow and ice moved south, so did the Finnar, always one step ahead of disaster.

Pushed further toward the Hearthlands, the Finnar have come into confrontation with Saxa settlers, on whose lands the Finnar now live. No violence has erupted, but as food grows short, the two cultures find themselves competing for the same, sparse resources.

Like the taiga elves, with whom they have a generally good rapport, the Finnar prefer to live in tents. Made of felt wrapped around a wooden frame, they are warm even in the harshest winters, and easily portable by reindeer, the Finnar’s preferred beast of burden.

They are extremely pragmatic, a habit vital to surviving the frozen wastes, and do not waste resources caring for those whose fate is sealed. Nor do they offer Hospitality to those not capable of looking after themselves in the wintry landscape.

Finnar mages typically learn song magic or hrimwisardry, the latter being seen as a natural form of magic among their people, and treated no different than elementalism. Ullr is the most popular god, with Freo and Eostre close behind.

Clothing differs little between the sexes, both favoring thick woolen tunics and trousers. Gloves, hats, and long socks (worn beneath felt boots) are considered essential during winter. During the brief summer, both sexes wear reindeer skin tunics and trousers.

Finnar tend to be short for humans, averaging only 5’ 6”, and tend toward dark hair. Their skin is usually brown, weathered by the raw winds and tanned by the sun reflecting off snow and ice.

Real World Similar: Nordic/Finn


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