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The Anari are town and city dwellers, and consider themselves culturally superior to the Saxa and Finnar, though their technology is no more advanced. For their part, the Finnar and Saxa see the Anari as soft, and doomed to extinction if the Hellfrost advances to cover
the remaining land.

The Anari Empire once dominated the western continent, and even extended far north, into lands now hidden behind the Icewall. Decadence, hereditary madness in the Imperial family, and the terrible Blizzard War put an end to the great empire, and now the Anari are a fractured race.

Most Anari mages favor elementalism, though naturally those of the Magocracy practice only heahwisardry. Song magic is considered backward, a throwback to less civilized times. The Anari have few cultural deities, and individuals generally pick and choose their own pre-
ferred deities. Again, the Magocratic Anari are different, placing Maera above all others.

Anari fashions vary immensely by culture. Whereas the nobles of the Magocracy favor colored robes and leather shoes, for instance, the citizens of Aspiria prefer woolen shirts, heavy linen trousers, and knee-high boots.

Anari average 5’ 6” and have darker skin than the other human cultures. Their hair is dark brown or black, and their eyes are usually green or brown.

Real World Similar: Norman/Frank


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