These are the major deities of Al-Shirkuh and Rassilon. Red indicates these deities are of an evil disposition and require GM consultation before use with Player Characters

Major Deities


Name Sphere of Influence Priests/Paladins
Apsu Drinkable water, hippos, oases, wells, rivers, springs. Jugs of Apsu (priests); Bulls of Apsu (paladins).
Ashtart Plants, herbs, crops, shade, fertility, birth, marriage, children. Roots of Ashtart (priests); Stings of Ashtart (paladins).
Duamutef The desert, sand, nomads, hunters, archery, hospitality. Sandwalkers (priests); Sandlords (paladins).
Geb-Agni Earth, strength, fire, volcanoes, lava, heat, smiths, fire giants. Earthlords (priests); Firelords (paladins).
Iblis Chaos, evil, undead, destruction, darkness, corruption, disease. Voices of Chaos (priests); Hands of Chaos (paladins).
Karmelos Battle, courage, war, honor, strategy. Advisors (priests); Scimitars (paladins).
Marqod Healing, protection, mercy, generosity, peace. Caregiver (priests); Cleansers (paladins).
Qedeshet Literacy, invention, knowledge, diplomacy, wisdom, trade, divination. Scribes (priests); Quills (paladins).
Shamash Sun, nobility, vigilance, order, moon. Eyes of Shamash (priests); Rays of Shamash (paladins).
Tamarni Cats, pleasure, the home, stealth, curiosity, luck, thieves. Eyes of Tamarni (priests); Claws of Tamarni (paladins).
Tammuz Death, mummification, tombs, justice, balance. Judges (priests); Executioners (paladins).
Upuaut Travel, wind, birds, secret places, freedom, messengers, personal choice, ships, chariots. Journeymen (priests); Pathfinders (paladins).

Minor Deities

Nu, Old Man of the Sea


Major Deities

Name Sphere of Influence Priests/Paladins
Dargar Slaughter, senseless violence, massacres, cannibalism, orcs, goblins. Hounds (Priests), Wolves (Paladins)
Eira Healing, life, mercy, peace. Merciful Sons (Priests), Peacekeepers (Paladins)
Eostre Animals, Plants, cycle of life, fertility, birth. Sowers/Husbanders (Priests), Reapers (Paladins).
Ertha Earth, Metal, gems, crafting, smithing, underground warfare, subterranean realms. Forge Sons/Daughters (Priests), Stonehands (Paladins).
Freo Travel, Wanderlust, Wilderness. Wheels (priests), Sandals (Paladins).
Hela Death, Corruption, Decay, Darkness, Undead. Death Lords/Ladies (Priests), Death Knights (Paladins)
Hoenir Knowledge, Literacy, scribes, historians, revealing secrets. Gray Sages (Priests), Seekers (Paladins).
Hothar Justice, law, order, conformance, truth. Scales of Justice (Priests), Swords of Truth (Paladins).
Kenaz Fire, hearths, volcanoes, flame. Hearthkeepers (Priests), Ashen Blades (Paladins)
Maera Magic, mystery, divination, occult matters. Order of the Waxing Sickle (priests), Order of the Waning Sickle (Paladins).
Nauthiz Thievery, chance, stealth, concealment. Purveyors (priests), Tomb Raiders (Paladins)
Neorthe Lakes, rivers, sea, sailors, water. Navigators (Priests), Marines (Paladins)
Niht Darkness, Assassins, secrets, secret murder. Shadowlords (priests), Black Blades (Paladins).
The Norns Fate, destiny, past, present, future. Fatespeakers (priests), Hand of Destiny (Paladins).
Rigr Vigilance, protection of settlements, warnings. Eyes of the Vigilant (Priests), Watchmen (Paladins).
Scaetha Death, final judgment, destruction of the undead. Eulogists (priests), Divine Slayers (Paladins)
Sigel Sun, light, purity, goodness. Sun Priests (priests), Sun Knights (Paladins)
Thrym Cold, ice, winter, blizzard, icy realms Breath of Winter (Priests), Talons of Winter (Paladins)
Thunor Wind, Weather, sky, air, lightning. Thuderson (Priests), Lightningson (paladins)
Tiw Battle, courage, war, victory. Shields (Priests), Swords (Paladins)
Ullr Hunting, Archery, Trackers, prey animals. Huntsmen (priests), Hounds of Ullr (Paladins).
The Unknowable One Tricks, taunts, insults, bards, storytellers. Jokers (Priests), Mirthful Blades (Paladins).
Vali Corruption, vermin, disease, famine, vice, overindulgence, treachery, vengeance. Plaguebearers/Corruptors (priests), Unseen Hand (Paladins)
Var Merchants, trade, negotiations, contracts, coinage, wealth. Profiteers (Priests), Thieftakers (Paladins).

Minor Dieties

There are a myriad of minor deities who have dominion over a very specific aspect of life (cattle-stealing, coinage, sunrise, a specific mountain, etc). All the minor gods are blended aspects of major dieties.

Racial Gods

While the Gods of Rassilon are worshiped throughout the world by various and diverse cultures, there are some that are typically worshiped more than others by certain races.

Race Typically Worship
Anari Hoenir, Maera (esp. The Magocracy), Tiw, Var
Saxa Eostre, Hothar, Kenaz, Noerthe (coastlands), the Norns, Thunor, Tiw, Ullr
Finnar Freo, Kenaz, Rigr, Sigel, Thyrm (appeasement only), Ullr
Tuomi Eostre, Hothar, Kenaz, Noerthe (coastlands), Thunor, Tiw
Hearth Elf Eira, Eostre, Hoenir, Maera, Sigel, Ullr
Taiga Elf Eostra, Maera, Sigel, Tiw, Ullr
Frost Dwarf Ertha, Kenaz, Tiw
Engro Freo, Nauthiz, the Norns, Unknowable One
Frostborn By main race, plus Thrym
Giants Kenaz (fire giants), Eostre and Ullr (Forest giants), Thyrm (Frost Giants), Ertha (Cliff Giants)
Orcs/Goblins Dargar, Niht, Thyrm, Vali
Fungals Xelomycota
Lizardman Ssslak


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