Psionics in Hellfrost works exactly as per the Savage Worlds rules. If you want to create unique Puppeteers, they have the following spell list.

Powers: Analyze foe, beast friend, bolt, boost/lower trait, burst, charismatic aura, deflection, detect/conceal, energy immunity, environmental protection, farsight, fatigue, fear, healing, leaping, mimic, mind reading (see below), precognition, puppet, quickness, smite, speak language, speed, steal, stun, succor, telekinesis, voice on the wind, wandering senses, weapon immunity.


Rank: Seasoned
Range: Smarts x 2
Duration: Maintained
Trappings: Concentration, conversation.
Perhaps the most insidious power known to psionicists is the ability to read minds. On a successful Psionics roll, the psionicist picks up the surface thoughts of one target within range. To probe deeper, the psionicist must declare his intention before rolling his arcane skill. Deep probes require a Psionics roll opposed by the target’s Spirit.

The GM must decide what information is learned, based on the success of the psionicist’s roll. Generally a success will uncover information of a common nature, such as the name of a loved one. Secret information requires at least one raise, and possibly two for deep secrets.


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