Placement of Classic Modules

Some ideas on where to place classic D&D modules

Adventure Placement Ideas
Caverns of Thracia
Cult of the Reptile God Near a swamp area, such as Great Swamp
Desert of Desolation Al-Shirkuh – the glass sand area fits one of the modules nicely
Expedition to the Barrier Peaks (and my variants) Might insert to hint at my designed backstory for the world
(The) Forbidden City Jungle – whenever Wiggy releases Africa :)
Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun and my variant Mine can go in any city Big T can be something that is discovered
Giants – Hill Giant Stead The Vale (see Atlas write-up)
(The) Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan Need to reread, but it might make a great Gatorman ruin in the Great Swamp
Tomb of the Lizard King (I2) Anywhere we have the lizardmen/gatormen
Isle of Dread More tropic – lost world
Keep on the Borderlands Heligioland – being built to keep an eye on Cul. Also, a thread on interesting changes
Knight’s Dark Terror Not sure – need to read about it more
(The) Lost City
Ravenloft Mistlands
Red Hand of Doom
Shrine of the Kuo-Toa Underdark – Finfolk
Sinister Secrets of Saltmarsh (and 2 others)
Slavers Series Near Magocracy
Temple of Elemental Evil/Princes of the Apocolypse Elemental Locus – the original and Return might be best to divvy up as Elemental/Jinn based adventures
Tomb of Horrors Great Swamp, or if not in a swamp perhaps in the Withered Lands
Vault of the Drow Underdark – intro the Drow
White Plume Mountain Might be an interesting “test” to enter the Reliquary

Ok, not so classic 4e but might work

Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress
Keep on the Shadowfell If use the “two prong” approach, could tie into the Black Gate
King of the Trollhaunt Warrens Heligioland / Myre
Pyramid of Shadows Extraplanar Prison – really anywhere
Thunderspire Labyrinth Al-Shirkuh – Northern Desert – former Minotaur city, Gnolls (ie Hyaenidae demon worshipers, duergar and Vecna!

5e That is not a classic reboot

Out of the Abyss Underdark

Placement of Classic Modules

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