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  • Horse, Stormhoof

    [[Bestiary | Back to Bestiary]]|[[Horse | Back to Horse]] With bodies the color of thunderheads and swathes of blue lightning dancing over their hooves, stormhooves are believed to be the mortal descendants of [[Thunor|Thunor’s]] two horses, Thunder …

  • Nordmark

    [[Gazetteer | Back to Gazetteer]] h2. NORDMARK h3. Key Statisitics * Population: 73,274 (75% Saxa, 10% Anari, 9% dwarves,4% engro, 2% hearth elves) * Ruler: Cyning Geirmund Kolsunu * Religion: [[Tiw]], [[Thunor]], [[Sigel]], [[Hothar]] * …

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