Aziz ibn-Jamal

Aziz ibn-Jamal, a minor merchant from the great city of Akhmim


Stats: See Merchant

PC Interaction: Hired PCs in Curse of the Sand Lord adventure


Aziz ibn-Jamal, a minor Merchant from the great city of Akhmim, City of the Devoted. Aziz, a man who has never before left the comfort of the city, has arranged a meeting with a Bedu tribe, the Alaghari, along Suleiman’s Road. If negotiations go well, he hopes the tribe will agree to carry his cargoes from the caravanserai at Al-Mosk, to the Oasis of the Jinn, where they will sell them to merchants heading to the Free Emirates.

He lacks all knowledge of desert life and was in need of bodyguards and advisors. You were seeking honest work. At 50 dinars a week plus room and board, his offer was too good to pass up. Aziz has proven a good employer. He lacks a great deal of common sense, tends to dither, and does not cope well with unexpected situations, but he has paid you promptly for what so far has been very easy work.

Aziz ibn-Jamal

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