Elven Archer from Rassilon


You are from the great elven realm of Angarion. The patron god of your particular tribe is Sigel, the god of the sun. Unfortunately, in the North both Sigel and Kenaz (god of fire and hearths) have weakened considerably during Thrym’s (god of ice/winter) ascension in power. Some believe they have even gone “missing”, if such a thing can happen to a god.

Sinrilli Sunray is the priest of your tribe. He claimed to receive a vision about Sigel, and organized a party to go to the Land of Fire. You can decide your reasons to go (related, believer, assigned by the tribe elders, bored, lovers, etc). Three other elves started in your group with you two.

You traveled south through the Magocracy to the city of Dragomir, the capital of the realm. Sinrilli was rather agitated at the reception of others to his quest. While the Magocracy generally worships Maera, the goddess of the moon and magic, there are shrines and a few churches to Sigel in the realm. But, it seems as not a day goes by that a priest or paladin of Sigel receives a vision to some place or another. Your group did receive basic hospitality and a “good luck”, but that was it.

In Dragomir you took on five more people for your quest, but they were mercenaries, not believers. You boarded the Spirit of Suleiman (may as well use that ship a few times, eh?) in Dragomir and sailed to Rawdah in the Free Emirate States. Your group hired Arad, a Hyaenidae Pathfinder (paladin) of Upuaut (the LoF god of travel). After describing the visions, Arad was none too pleased to discern your journey would take you into Hekata, the Withered Empire. You hired on locals, hired a couple of Mameluks for guards, and formed up your expedition.

Travel was harsh. Hekata is desolate and the land is poisoned. Sinrilli, however, was upbeat and more energized. In the many skirmishes with undead on the way, his powers seemed stronger here in the Land of Fire. Finally, you reached the Pyramid in Sinrilli’s vision. From there, it was all a nightmare. Many died in the traps and undead sealed in an unspoiled tomb. Eight of you made it to the tomb and the curse was unleashed.

The Eight Who Were Cursed
Arad, the Pathfinder
A Mameluk (this might be Dugger’s PC – he picked Enemy (Greater) but did not give any backstory)
Fafhrd, a Saxa warrior (since deceased)
Anara, an Anari tomb robber (since deceased)
Hazim the Bold (a Haradee from Rawdah seeking his fortune (since deceased)
Jabbar – a Jinn Blooded Bedu and Jinn Mage (earth) (since deceased)

There was, of course, a 9th member of the survivors. Beni, the Sand Goblin, fled from the chamber screaming about a curse before Sinrilli opened the sacred chest that cursed you all. You have not seen him since.

Arad led the group back to the Free Emirate States. Anara and Fafhrd died horribly on the way. Anara and Jabbar died after your return to Rawdah. After both trying to get rid of the Jars and also trying to lift the curse to no avail, it was then the group broke apart. Sinrilli pretty much has given himself up to whatever fate awaits, although last you knew he did book passage back to the North. Arab immediate hit the road.



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