Island of Mourning - Session 18

A Brutal Beatdown

The spirits attacked, fully coalesced forms of Lady Menesta’s Grief. The strong Spirit of the heroes quickly dispersed the threat. The remaining spirits then moved on down the road, out of town. Tabari went side and encountered the spirit of the distraught priest. He gathered up the now corporeal holy symbal of Tammuz. The group decided to investigate the palace. They met Gramel, a rather grumpy steward that gave them little information. They then followed the path of the spirits. It led to a small valley with stonework blended into the hill – an old style Hekata tomb. Investigation indicated no easy way in. The group goes back to town to ponder.

In talking with Seth the Innkeeper, they learned the Omar the Stonemason was the builder of the tomb. They find him and he is very boastful about how well built it is. They also learn more of Lady Menesta’s grief at the death of Lord Damotrix. They do investigate if it might have been foul play – a political move of some sort, but that is a dead end.

The group decides to attack the door in two ways. One is just back-breaking labor. Menevis starts in with heavy tools on the door. The other is through magic. Salim’s obsession with sand has led him to discover that for a very short period of time he can be a grain of sand in the wind (Teleport). He might be able to work his way through the nooks and crannies of the door and the wall. He is successful! The decides to break open the stone door as a precaution.

After poking around, they come upon the final resting place of Lord Damotrix and the grieving form of Lady Menesta. Tabari correctly surmised that Lord Damotrix had to be touched by the holy symbol of Tammuz. A punishing fight broke out. With only Lord Damotrix being truly vulnerable, the heroes had great difficulty in this fight. Menevis, Tabari, and Araceli all were eventually cut down by the pair. Finally, Ahmed maneuvered Lord Damotrix into position that Salim, having swooped around the room on Sirocco to get the symbol and avoid Lady Menesta, to finish him off.

Lord Damotrix’s earthly form crumples to the floor. In its place stands a spectral version of the long-dead lord. As his shade materializes, the same thing happens to Lady Menesta. The couple rush to each other and embrace, the love they share for each other clearly evident.

They then turn to the heroes. As all this takes place, a beam of light strikes the floor of the tomb, illuminating a circle two yards across. Hand-in-hand, the couple walk into the light.

“In my grief I forgot that death is just the beginning of a new life,” says Menesta. “The rage I felt toward you for harming my husband has broken the chains, and we are free to depart, along with those we once ruled over and I so cruelly bound
I pray Tammuz is merciful.” She then cocks her head, as if listening to a voice.

“You have done the powers that rule the universe a great service today. Go with their blessing and continue your lives. You will be called when the time comes again to journey beyond.”

With that, the beam suddenly vanishes, along with the spectral figures. As the light vanishes, so the heroes find themselves on Spirit out as sea, all back alive. In their hand is a lens that was on Lord Damotrix’s shield.


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